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What is The #Strongerthanfear Campaign?

The #strongerthanfear Campaign exists as a united force of hope and strength on behalf of peoples and communities around the world who are effected by extreme violence or similar crises. ‘Joyful defiance’ is at the heart of what drives #strongerthanfear, and we believe that every human life is valuable and that no life should be lived in fear.

We empathize and advocate for effected peoples during their time of need by calling attention to issues and sharing messages of love and encouragement, predominantly via social media. However, our mission has now extended beyond the screen and is breaking down the fourth wall via our partnership with Public Good and the use of their ‘Take Action’ button (TAB).

Now, instead of simply reading or tweeting about an event, supporters can click the TAB where they will be immediately redirected to suggested organizations to directly make a difference via aid, volunteerism, or donations. Our supporters have shared their desire to do more than advocate and we strive to make that possible for them. We are first, and foremost, providing a service to the U2 community so that they may more easily serve the global community.

My Role

I create all campaign designs, graphics, videos, and web designs for #strongerthanfear. Additionally, I also manage all sites, social media accounts, and partner relationships as well as direct and implement promotions and campaigning.

I have been deeply touched and amazed at the response that #strongerthanfear has received since November of 2015. The way that so many people around the world have leaned on, and shared, that phrase has been more than I could have ever expected.  #Strongerthanfear was born from the desire to encourage people to stand up, look fear in the face, and smile. It was “defiant joy” before I’d ever heard of such a thing. I believe very strongly in the limitless potential of the human heart, the power of a voice (or of many), and the necessity for people to support one another without condition or exception.

Gina Cloe

Founder, #strongerthanfear

#Strongerthanfear/White Out Belfast in the Media

The #Strongerthanfear Campaign launch teasers

White Out Belfast/#Strongerthanfear

White Out Belfast and #Strongerthanfear mentions and photos in publications after U2's Belfast shows.

fans with signs
Daily Mirror- U2 in Belfast

The Daily Mirror reports on Belfast, Night #1

Photo from The Belfast Telegraph

Bono in a sea of white during White Out Belfast's article: WOB/#stf

Before we swapped roles and #Strongerthanfear became more than a solidarity slogan, Connie Westergaard ran the show for White Out Belfast. Click to read's article about us and the movement that brought us all together and gave birth to #strongerthanfear

#Stronger Than Fear

Illustration from Cedarwood Book authors Andre Thyret and Melanie Dohle on night #2 in Belfast The screen, Belfast night #1
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