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What is Cloe Creative?

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Gina Cloe

- creative director -

Welcome to Cloe Creative! Founded in 2015, Cloe Creative was born out of a desire to "Dream Out Loud and at high volume". I've been designing since I was 14 years old, when I got a copy of Photoshop free with a printer (how 90s is that??). It was my love of music and entertainment that originally inspired me to create graphics and websites, and it is that immense appreciation of artists, bands, and entrepreneurship that drives me to this day. 


Why "Cloe Creative"? My love of genealogy has taught me that my Scottish side (originally "Clow") has been peppered with artists for centuries and so I'm thrilled to carry the family name forward doing what I love most: Designing and Creating.

You may also notice a fair bit of references and pieces about U2 floating around my site and socials and for good reason! I've been a lifelong fan, but it wasn't until 2015 that a piece of work that I did was picked up by U2 (see #strongerthanfear) and their fan community and it opened the door entirely for me. That little ping reverberated across the cosmos and connected me to some amazing musicians, artists, and industry-workers that have become lifelong friends.

That band and the men in it, mean the world to me and I will always be in debt to, and in awe, of them.


  • I can recite "The Office" or "Parks & Rec" verbatim but I'll throw some "Schitt's Creek" at you, for kicks.

  • I love to travel. I would happily live out of a suitcase. 

  • I once kayaked with a few friends to a totally deserted island off the coast of North Carolina and nearly died in the process when we forgot to check the tide. It's still one of my favorite trips.

  • I have an intense relationship with waffles. "Why would anyone ever eat anything besides breakfast food?" -Leslie Knope

  • I grew up in Indiana but have been thriving in North Carolina since 2008.

  • I can't say the word rural. 

  • Dublin, Ireland is my happy place.
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Dubs cheesin 20.jpg


- chief morale officer (CMO) -

"Bubblin Dublin" (as we like to call him) is here to keep matters light and offer a smiling face and wagging tail whenever a brain break is needed. Dublin is our second Golden Retriever and he enjoys laying upside down, greeting strangers, playing with his pals at  our favorite haunt, Doggos: Indoor Dog Park & Pub, and proudly carrying home sticks that he finds on his walks.


From 2015-2018 I directed a social justice project, The #Strongerthanfear Campaign, which harnessed the abundance of "joyful defiance" in the U2 Community to affect change. The project spun off of a social media campaign that myself and a friend led in response to the Paris attacks in 2015. The intent of The #Strongerthanfear Campaign was to  provide supporters with a way to take action easily and immediately on social justice issues using our partner's 'Take Action' button. Our supporters could read about an issue and donate, give, volunteer, or lobby with vetted organizations with a single click. #Strongerthanfear enjoyed a great run and saw some amazing advocacy and action but was placed on indefinite hiatus in 2018 when our team became too busy to continue. We are VERY grateful to U2 fans, the band, and supporters for all of their actions and support.


I have also been a member of the ONE Campaign since 2005 and was eventually made a Congressional District Leader for North Carolina. I stepped down in 2019 to focus on my work and life at home. ONE's mission is to eradicate extreme poverty and preventable diseases (such as HIV/AIDS) particularly in Africa. My role in ONE has varied over the years from tabling at universities and calling lawmakers, to sitting down with members of our Congress to lobby for their support, and working U2 shows.



To learn more about the ONE Campaign go to

The site for The #Strongerthanfear Campaign has now been archived. Thank you for your support.

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